Contact & Guidelines

I am focusing this blog on ONLY Christian books.  That being said, there is a large variety of books that could be fit into this category.  These are the basics of what I will consider reviewing.  If you have questions or want me to consider your book, please email me at and I'll be happy to consider it.

*God or faith HAVE to be an element in the book
*For fiction books, no sex scenes
*No horror or overly graphic books will be reviewed
*For devotionals or reference books--I will accept none that 'put down' specific religions or claim one is better than the other
*Study Guides, Bibles, and other longer in depth books will be happily reviewed but they do take longer to review so please keep this in mind
*Reviews will be done on a first come basis
*I reserve the right to refuse any book I don't believe I can give an unbias review